Control Room & Video Wall Solutions

Our Control Room Solution Design that perfectly complements the control room operator requirements in terms of comfort, work style and technology, for a better and focused work environment that enhances the overall experience of its users and the visitors inside the very exceptional control room design provided by us.

Our designed Control Room Solution is directed towards the functional needs of a control room environment, while it primarily focuses on the comfort of operators to enhance their alertness during operating and controlling the various mission critical 24/7 operations. TechSIS Ltd. provides best in class control room solutions that empower operators in handling mission critical 24×7 operations with ease and accurate quick response.

Our control room consoles deliver ergonomic excellence along with aesthetically superior designs. Our consoles deliver functional comfort to its users, enhancing their focus for better performance. Our control room console range comprises of fully equipped task specific designs.

Our Control Solution delivers the 24*7 QRT facility for Seamless Integration of Manpower and Technology for Foolproof Security Solution & immediate response in case of any emergency situation.


  • Third party integration for Fire detection & CCTV

  • Integrated Command & Control Centre

  • Scalable solution for further expansion

  • Ring redundancy of the network

  • Single platform for complete system status

  • Integrated view of all electronic security devices

  • ACS & Other reports

  • Secured login and reporting

  • Extended no. of authorized users

  • Immediate reporting of alerts

  • 24x7 QRT

Complete Premises right in front of your eyes

Central Monitoring and Response to any event anywhere

24 X 7 Operation & Maintenance by Trained Engineers

Excellent Administration & Management Tool

Centralised Integration & management of Access control, CCTV, NVR

Centralised Integration & management of Boom barrier, Perimeter Fencing

Centralised Integration management of Fire Detection Campus Lighting

Centralised Integration management of Baggage Scanner, DFMD, Intrusion Alarms etc