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Conventional Solutions

Tech SIS's portfolio is centred around a comprehensive range of conventional technology-driven security solutions, meticulously tailored to effectively tackle the complex security obstacles encountered by its clients. By harnessing industry-standard methodologies, the company skilfully devises and executes security measures that encompass a multifaceted strategy. This strategy involves the strategic amalgamation of hardware and software components to establish an impenetrable security infrastructure.

“As per research, poor maintenance strategies can reduce a company’s production capacity by as much as 20%"

Conventional Solutions


Tech SIS offers CCTV solutions that are customized to meet the specific security requirements of various industries and sectors. These solutions aim to enhance safety and security in diverse environments through efficient monitoring, analysis, and response capabilities.

Access & Entrance Control

Tech SIS excels in tailored access and entrance control solutions designed for diverse industries. Our solutions redefine security and access management, featuring industry-specific features.

Fire Alarm,Suppression & PA

Our integrated Fire Alarm, Suppression, and PA System Solutions provide robust safety measures for diverse environments. The Fire Alarm System encompasses advanced sensors, initiating devices, and control panels, enabling real-time fire detection. Upon detection, the system triggers alarms and communicates with the Suppression System.

Intrusion Alarm

In the domain of intrusion security, Tech SIS offers advanced Intrusion Alarm Systems comprising an array of sensors such as motion detectors, door/window contacts, and glass break sensors. These sensors are strategically positioned to monitor designated areas, promptly detecting any unauthorized access or breaches.


Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC), is a sophisticated system designed to centralize and streamline the management of various security components. The ICCC integrates surveillance cameras, various types of access control systems, fire alarms, and other security measures into a unified platform, providing real-time monitoring, automated alerts, and efficient incident response.

RFID Solutions

Utilizing Radio-Frequency Identification(RFID) technology, which involves small electronic tags containing unique identification data, RFID solutions by Tech SIS enable accurate and automated identification and tracking of items, personnel, and vehicles.

EM Locking

EM Locks utilize electromagnetism to secure doors and gates, preventing unauthorized entry. When power is applied, the electromagnet engages, holding the door securely locked. These solutions are used in conjunction with access control systems, providing efficient and convenient access management.

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While the City sleeps, Essential services team works day & night to ensure our office safety.


Appreciate for good support in this national crisis, stay safe, be careful on work site.

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In the wake of outbreak of COVID-19, we want to appreciate the uninterrupted & best services by SIS.


We would like to praise SIS for there uninterrupted and commendable services


Thanks you for your consistent support and cooperation during this crucial situation.


Would like to thank for ensuring the work and security at PNB Metlift Ltd. Indore (M.P), excellent work done

PNB MetLife

Thanks for the security support received during this unprecedented lockdown situation of managing COVID-19


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