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Mantech Solutions, offered by Tech SIS, represents a distinctive amalgamation of traditional manned guarding and state-of-the-art technology. As a globally renowned provider of security services, we take great pride in our ability to deliver a team of highly experienced and rigorously trained manned guards. These professionals possess not only expertise in conventional security measures but also an exceptional understanding of cutting-edge security systems. Our mission is clear and unwavering: to serve, secure, and protect your premises with the utmost competence and dedication.

Our commitment extends beyond mere protection; it encompasses the creation and maintenance of environments where our clients can thrive without the burden of security concerns.
Tech SIS employs a comprehensive 4D approach within its Mantech solutions: Deter, Delay, Detect, and Defend. This strategy aims to strengthen security measures by discouraging potential threats, impeding unauthorized access, promptly identifying breaches, and effectively responding to security incidents.

  • CCTV Surveillance: Our advanced closed-circuit television systems provide real-time monitoring and collection of evidence.
  • Electronic Security: We utilize cutting-edge intrusion detection and access control systems to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Access Control: Our solutions ensure precise management of entry points, combined with effective frisking protocols.
  • Perimeter Protection: We reinforce property boundaries with physical barriers and advanced sensors to deter intruders.

“As per research, poor maintenance strategies can reduce a company’s production capacity by as much as 20%"

Guard Tour System

Tech SIS offers an advanced Guard Tour System that has been specifically designed to optimize the monitoring of security personnel. Our handheld devices, combined with real-time reporting capabilities, enhance security measures by ensuring that guards are held accountable and adhere to their assigned duties. This state-of-the-art system provides an efficient solution for maintaining a high level of security across various industries and premises, ultimately safeguarding assets and ensuring the safety of personnel.

Portable PA

Tech SIS provides Portable Public Address (PA) systems that offer versatile audio solutions for a wide range of applications. These portable systems have been designed for easy setup and use, making them ideal for events, gatherings, and emergency situations where clear and effective communication is of utmost importance. Whether it is for public announcements, crowd control, or emergency alerts, our Portable PA systems guarantee that your message will be heard loud and clear, thereby helping to maintain safety and order in any given situation.


Tech SIS offers cutting-edge walkie-talkie solutions that facilitate seamless communication in various industries and applications. Our walkie-talkies have been designed to provide clear and reliable voice communication, thereby enhancing teamwork and coordination in challenging environments. With features such as long-range coverage, durability, and secure channels, they are trusted by professionals in fields such as security, construction, hospitality, and event management. Whether it is ensuring safety on a construction site or maintaining security at an event, Tech SIS walkie-talkies are the preferred choice for effective and efficient communication.


Hand-Held Metal Detectors (HHMDs) are essential instruments for expeditious and comprehensive security inspections. These devices proficiently detect concealed metallic objects, including weapons and knives, rendering them invaluable for security personnel. Tech SIS's HHMDs are intentionally engineered for swift and precise body examinations, effectively identifying hidden metallic items such as weapons and knives. These portable metal detector wands offer a practical and cost-effective alternative to airport-style arch-type detectors, primarily designed for rapid scanning of large crowds.

Body Worn Camera

Tech SIS provides state-of-the-art Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) that revolutionize surveillance and enhance safety for law enforcement and security personnel. Our BWCs are compact, high-quality devices that offer real-time audio and video recording from the wearer's perspective. Designed for accountability and transparency, these cameras play a pivotal role in evidence collection, incident documentation, and improving public trust. Tech SIS BWCs are a dependable tool for professionals seeking to uphold the highest standards of security and justice.

Drone/ Anti Drone & UAV Solutions for physical security and productivity

Tech SIS offers advanced Drone/Anti-Drone and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) solutions to enhance physical security and productivity. Our comprehensive suite of technologies includes both the utilization of drones for security surveillance and the development of counter-drone systems to protect against unauthorized drone intrusions. These solutions not only bolster security measures but also have applications in various industries, such as agriculture, construction, and infrastructure inspection, to enhance productivity through aerial data collection and monitoring.

Integrated Control and Command Centre – “ACT IN TIME”

Tech SIS presents the ACT IN TIME – an Integrated Control and Command Centre which is a revolutionary solution tailored for today's security needs. This system seamlessly unifies diverse security technologies, granting organizations unparalleled situational awareness and control. From real-time monitoring to swift incident response, "ACT IN TIME" optimizes security operations, safeguarding assets and people effectively. It's a testament to Tech SIS's commitment to innovation and excellence in creating secure environments across industries.

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Entry Automation Solution

Entry Automation Solutions provided by Tech SIS revolutionize access control. They employ state-of-the-art technology to optimize entry procedures, making them both efficient and secure. Whether it's gated entrances, barriers, or turnstiles, these systems ensure a seamless experience while maintaining the highest security standards. Tech SIS harnesses the latest in automation tech to deliver dependable, user-friendly entry solutions ideal for diverse settings, including corporate offices and public venues. These solutions significantly elevate security and access management.

Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System (IMS) is a vital component of efficient business operations. Tech SIS offers cutting-edge IMS solutions designed to streamline the tracking and management of inventory, providing real-time insights into stock levels, orders, and more. With IMS, businesses can optimize stock levels, reduce carrying costs, and enhance order accuracy. These systems are adaptable to various industries, including retail, manufacturing, and logistics, offering comprehensive control over inventory while ensuring accuracy and efficiency in supply chain management.

GSM Based – SoS Alarm & Integration

Tech SIS introduces a robust GSM-Based SoS Alarm & Integration system that revolutionizes safety across diverse sectors. This cutting-edge solution harnesses GSM technology for rapid, reliable communication during emergencies, guaranteeing swift responses and assistance. Its seamless integration with other security and monitoring systems ensures comprehensive safety measures. The system's ability to trigger alarms and notifications ensures quick reactions, making it a vital asset for critical situations. Tech SIS continues to lead in delivering advanced security solutions that prioritize individuals' and organizations' safety.

Alarm & Control Package

The Alarm and Control Package by Tech SIS is a comprehensive solution that elevates security and surveillance to the next level. It encompasses advanced alarm systems, real-time monitoring, and centralized control. With cutting-edge technology and seamless integration, this package provides round-the-clock protection for various sectors, from commercial establishments to critical infrastructure. It ensures quick response times and efficient management of security incidents, enhancing overall safety and peace of mind. Tech SIS continues to innovate in the field of security solutions, making the world a safer place.

Camera AI

AI Cameras by Tech SIS, are at the forefront of intelligent surveillance technology. These cameras are equipped with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms that enable them to perform real-time analytics, object recognition, and behaviour analysis. They can identify and track individuals, vehicles, and objects, making them ideal for security and monitoring applications. With features like facial recognition, license plate recognition, and intrusion detection, AI Cameras provide an enhanced level of security and automation.

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